Monday, December 18, 2017

Special meals

Special meals seem to come back to the table for the holidays. What are your favorites? Some of the ones around our family include a tasty spread for crackers. It's pretty simple take braunschweiger and blend it up with hot sauce. The marinated herring is a good one, too.  How about oyster soup, but you gotta use real butter. That's just the munchy stuff. 

For a main meal, I'm a little more traditional with ham or turkey, and the assorted veggies.

For dessert, if there's any room left traditional Christmas cookies. The heck with sugar substitutes and such. Go for the gusto. 

Just remember, if you have to work the next day, make sure you can handle going back to the regular menu.

Just a note about Christmas Dinner, the  Federated Church in Columbus has a community dinner on Monday. It's free, and they offer transportation if needed.

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